UPDATED AUGUST 7, 2020 — Many collegiate and professional sports leagues have faced season delays and stoppages. “League lag™” threatens to disorient sports fans, who now face a “feast or famine” phenomena.

However, full contact sports leagues like the NFL, able to adjust the span of time between games (“Game Gaps”) have a unique opportunity to restructure their seasons to ensure reliable starts and uninterrupted completions.

Here at React LLC, we have built our business around innovation, particularly regarding fan and brand engagement. We therefore have a vested interest in contributing thought leadership and solutions to address the challenges of COVID-19.

Our CEO, Frank Maggio, and Commissioner Matt Birk, have collaborated and are eager to share solutions we believe make schedules pandemic-proof.™

On July 21st, we released our Pandemic-Proof White Paper, and today, in collaboration with Definitive Business Solutions, we publish our first look at actual team matchups that fall within the Pandemic-Proof guidelines, along with an impact analysis on projected TV audience levels when 2 additional games are broadcast. We invite stakeholders to join the conversation:

NEW PANDEMIC-PROOF™ Visualization Presentation

  • 10-game, 17 Week “Twin Division” model
  • 10-game, 20 Week “Twin Division” model (in progress)
  • Game-Gap illustration
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Pandemic-proof™ Schedule White Paper July 21, 2020
Pandemic-proof™ Schedule Spreadsheet July 21, 2020