The Total Content Experience starts with OWNING THE WHOLE HOUR.

Let’s face it – Featured Content may be presented to viewers as a 60 minute program, but it’s really only 42-44 minutes. Isn’t it time we focused on the REVENUE STREAM – the 16-18 minutes that requires attention in order to be monetized?

Advertising is Content, too!

Media and ad execs are people, too, and when they go home, over 80% use DVR’s and second screens to avoid the branded content that funds their paychecks. REACT’s solutions blend TV and Second Screens, with Featured and Branded Content. Our rewarding real-time gamification process values human attention, and builds appreciation for the networks, brands and agencies that embrace the Total Content Experience.

Adrenalizing Advertising

Great ads should be consumed by curious, active minds – not hard drives inside of DVR’s. By choreographing the entire hour using REACT’s patented second screen platforms, content creators and networks can stop the erosion of live audiences. Embracing the Total Content Experience can trigger a massive migration to live TV viewing, beyond professional sports programming.

Patented Reactive Advertising

From reactive ad pods and programming, to live mobile game shows for sports fans, we’ve got patented solutions to power the Total Content Solutions.

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The Inspiration for a Reactive World

Once upon a time, a very big brand had a big promotion and one of the contestants won BIG! That winner was Frank Maggio. Ever since, Frank’s mission has been to re-create that amazing experience for millions of people by making mass media advertising a fun and rewarding experience for consumers and advertisers. This is how it all began.


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