React partners with Definitive Business Solutions, Inc. to optimize 10-game team schedules based on the NFL’s proposed 16-game 2020 matchups.

[Tampa, FL – August 7, 2020] – Less than three weeks after floating the concept of a Pandemic-proof™ schedule for sports leagues, React LLC (“React”), creators of the Super Squares ® live mobile game show, today released a “ready for prime time” schedule for the 2020 NFL season. React partnered with Reston, Virginia’s Definitive Business Solutions, Inc. (“Definitive”) to optimize the framework first introduced on July 21 st . Remarkably, the 10-game “Twin Division” schedule consists entirely of pairings already scheduled by the NFL for the 2020 season, successfully culling six, primarily out-of-conference games per team. The expanded “Game Gaps” (days between games) proposed by the 17-week version provides an average of 12.4 days between games, compensating for the potential contraction of COVID-19 by multiple players on a team, without necessitating a multi-game quarantine that could delay or suspend a season already in progress.

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